Service & Maintenance

The Benefits of preventative maintenance service

It extends the life of the equipment.

It minimizes unscheduled downtime.

It maintains consistency in product quality.

Preventive Maintenance can be defined as a program in which wear, tear, and change are anticipated, and continuous corrective actions are taken to ensure peak efficiency and performance. This helps to minimize premature deterioration by correcting minor problems before they become major repairs. An effective Preventative Maintenance program also uses detailed service records to track booth performance by using previously recorded set points and readings to establish a service report baseline.

Preventive Maintenance includes inspections, adjustments, and lubrication, as well as performance testing and analysis. However, we realize that equipment grows old, uses change, and techniques vary, which is why our experienced staff and certified technicians consider things like equipment age and equipment use to help you develop a Preventative Maintenance program that keeps your equipment running safely and efficiently.


Servicing Packages

From general maintenance to replacement of filters, our certified technicians provide maintenance and cleaning services to ensure your equipment maintains optimal performance.

Filter Packages

The key to optimal spray booth performance is regular monitoring and changing of filters. With our partners at Spraytech, we supply flexible filter packages to reduce your management time and accommodate your storage needs.

Improved Quality Finishes

Poorly maintained spray booths are usually full of contaminants that do not produce a good quality finish. Scheduled preventative maintenance will help maintain finish quality and reduce costly repaints.


Reduced Costs | Increased Efficiencies

To ensure that a paint booth is clean and running at optimal performance, regularly scheduled maintenance visits result in less emergency service calls, less down time and increased productivity.

Periodic Assessments

Our certified technicians assess your equipment to help you avoid costly down times to keep your operation running smoothly.

Complete Service

We can provide service for spray booths, paint booths, large equipment/vehicle booths, body shop booths, finishing systems, aviation paint booths, industrial ovens, powder booths and sandblasting booths.

Inspections and Packages starting at $700

Exciting news! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new maintenance plans. Whether you are looking for basic maintenance service or something more comprehensive, we've got you covered.


This is our preventative maintenance plan that provides your business with the dependable routine maintenance needed to keep your equipment operating at maximum efficiency. Ensure the continued function of your equipment, limiting the possibility of equipment down time and expensive repairs.

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Includes advanced testing, in-depth system analysis, potential upgrades for improved performance, an annual detailed inspection and labour once a year to change intake filters. This type of maintenance can reduce overall costs by catching preventative problems before they escalate and by extending the life span of equipment.

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This is the top-tier level of service for maintaining your equipment. The Premium maintenance plan includes quarterly detailed inspections, labour once a year to change intake filters and comprehensive care to keep equipment in optimal condition, to mitigate risk and to provide priority service in the event of a break down. This package includes automotive booths up to 10’ inside height. Does not include truck booths, powder and sandblast booths, and industrial ovens. Call for pricing.

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Detailed Inspection

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Extend the life of your paint booth with a service and maintenance package. Contact us today for more details and to get started!