Frequently Asked Questions

The title of this page is kind of misleading. The truth is, when it comes to a booth purchase, there are never enough questions asked. Getting a booth installed in your shop/yard is a full construction project and should be treated as such. There is usually a contractor and sub trades and everything else that comes with a full project.

The booth is only 1 of around 20 costs involved in a booth install. Now this isn't to scare you. And some of these costs may not even apply to you, but it's always a good idea to be aware of possible expenses. Typically, the larger the job, the more of the costs that will pop up. A table top booth comes with pretty much everything, but an industrial installation requires almost each part to be selected individually. The following is just a quick list of possible costs.

Building Envelope
Fire Supression
Material Handling
Equipment Rentals
Roof Reinforcing
Make-Up Air
Booth Assembly
Duct Assembly
Gas Lines
Air Source
Power Hookup
Control Panel
System Start-Up
Clean Up/Demo
Out of Town Expenses
Trade Management
Safety (environment depending)